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Kuubix stands out from the traditional solar approach. Unlike our competitors, we don’t focus on stacking as many panels as we can for our customers, instead we analyze the two major problems associated with high energy costs (Lighting and A/C units).

  • Solar Services – Offering a variety of leasing and buying options

  • Energy Efficiency – Energy efficient solutions tailored to your home

  • Radiant Barriers – Reduce heat gains thus reducing cooling costs

  • Attic Insulation – Efficiently maintain a comfortable indoor climate

  • A/C Renew – Reset your A/C to run like new

  • MaxR100 –  Protect and prolong the life of the AC&R compressor

  • LED Lighting – Produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs

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Who is KUUBIX?

Kuubix is a CA based company that stays away from the traditional solar approach.  Instead of stacking on as many panels as we can for our customers (like most solar companies), we want to first analyze the two major problems associated with high energy cost (Lighting and A/C units).

We want to stop the energy bleeding by 1st making the home more efficient, and then 2nd we focus on solar.  We are able to significantly decrease homeowner’s bills with our efficiency products which in turn means that they won’t require near as many solar panels.

This energy smart approach will save much more money for homeowners while making the home much more comfortable to live in.

Kuubix Puts The Power In Your Hands

Converting solar rays into usable energy is a simple process which takes place in a few steps. Once solar energy is collected, inverters begin their work converting D/C energy to usable A/C energy. Simple and efficient.

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A Simple Process To Clean Renewable Energy!

Renewable Energy Saves You Money and Helps the Planet

In just a few years, solar and wind technologies have grown so competitive and widespread that they are gradually reshaping common perceptions of climate change mitigation. “Saving the climate is too difficult and too costly” is becoming “We can do this!” Even in purely economic terms, renewable energy (RE) is set to gradually outcompete fossil fuels. According to the IPCC:

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